Doris BannonThank you to all supporters of all levels who have helped Diana to get to where she is today.

Ongoing funding is required ongoing to continue with international competition with the ultimate goal of the Olympics.

Every donation helps! Please contact us at Donogue Farm 905-986-0911.

Please contact us to discuss individual forms of sponsorship or support.


Many Thanks to All Supporters and Sponsors


Gold Silver Bronze
Ruth Allum North Durham Eye Clinic Herrington’s Quality Butchers
Paul Burnett Brock’s of Port Perry Sobey’s of Port Perry
Janette Leask Jester’s Court Port Perry
Nicholas Pelyk Dairy Queen (Port Perry)
Myra J. Bailie Doris Bannon
Gabrielle Ledger Nikita Ollen-Bittle
Ron & Darlene Geisberger Jake Ollen-Bittle
Aaron McDonald
Jacqui Evans
Alla & John Ollen-Bittle
Geoffrey Lamb
Elyse Howat
Trisha McDonald
Alan J. Robertson
Sabine Thompson
Ian Woodley
Jeff Seabrook
Patty McIntosh
Michelle K
Stephanie Keeble
John Burnett
Sybille Von Roeder
Ian Woodley
Gwen Lehari
Cori Barnes
Amelie Leveille
Sandra Carlin
Nicole Andrews
Alan Hill
Reckless Creations
Waylon D’Sousa
Michelle Stableford
Kevin Lyver
Devon Callan
Shane Falston