High fiving the doctor and loving my horses…

The beginning of last week started with final preps for Plantation and organizing the farm chores for while we were away. As it can sometimes happen…. plans changed!
Tuesday night I went to the hospital, was seen by the ER doctor and told they had to call in the surgeon as it was looking like I had to have a minor emergency surgery to have an abscess removed. The ER doctor had tried lancing it twice already and this was not working. So apparently freezing does not work on an infection, so they had to use a scalpel and cut into my unfrozen skin!!! That hurts, and I feel much more sympathy for horses with abscess now more than ever!! To tell the truth I was a little excited that there was a surgeon on the way and that meant I could have some good drugs. They took me into the trauma room and hooked me up. I met the surgeon who gave the directions for the administration of the drugs and then he left. When he returned he was surprised that I was ‘still with them’ so on came more drugs and bye bye Di! When I came to after, the nurses were telling me how funny I was??? This made me a little nervous…. what had I done?? Turns out during the procedure I sat up and asked the doctor for a ‘high five’, in which he replied ‘I’m kind of in a sterile environment’, in my bright state I decided to give him a punch in the arm!!!
Headed for home around 12 that night with a quick stop by Tim Horton’s for a donut and a smoothie. Turns out that was not a great idea as you are not supposed to eat after being put out! Woke up at 6 the next morning feeling like I’d been out all night at the local watering hole and hit by a bus on my journey home…the drugs from the surgery messed me up! I tried numerous times during the day to get up and go to the barn, would make it downstairs and then have to return to my bed. At this point, I’m still determined that I am leaving for Plantation the next morning…
As requested I returned to the hospital the following night. They needed to remove the packing they had put in and repack. More drugs, even a morphine shot to the rear and it was starting to become clear that I was going no where for a little while. During the whole ordeal all I can think about is how sad I am that I can not go to this horse show. The other thing that was crossing my mind a lot was how amazing our horses are to let us care for them when they are wounded. I was mainly thinking about Rocco and how tuff he has been through all his sarcoid removal surgeries and how good he is about letting us care for him after. At least I could tell the nurses that I want to punch them as they were pulling two 2X2 gauze squares out of my wound, the horses can’t. I was thinking that I wished twitching worked on humans!

Anyways, pretty gross but on the mend! I walked around on a couple yesterday and ‘rode’ Rocco and Shaggy today. I was riding with every muscle in my body tensed protecting my wounded area. Sandra rode the others and they looked fab!! We did discover today that Rocco and Shaggy can do shoulder, half pass and counter canter while I have one hand on the reins and the other holding on to the small hole that I still have!! What amazing horses!

As plans are made to be changed, our path to Fair Hill has had to change as well. The horses will now run a combined test here in Ontario and then school some XC at the beautiful Dreamcrest. I am lucky to have Sandra who can keep the horses going so that I can make sure I heal properly! And lucky to have all the amazing girls at our barn picking up the loose ends for us! Thanks guys☺


Diamond Cut III at Richland

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