What our clients say….

“Having ridden for over 35 years and trained with instructors in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Israel, the USA and Canada, I can honestly say that Diana Burnett has been by far the best coach I have ever had!  Diana has not only a natural talent for horses; she also possesses all the qualities which make an excellent teacher. No matter what level someone is at, she can right away assess the strengths and weaknesses of rider or horse and adapt to their individual needs.

Since Diana has been coaching me, my posture, seat and aids have immensely improved and my enthusiasm for riding is continuously renewed. During each of my lessons Diana challenges me and pushes me to advance, but she also knows when to slow down so that I don’t lose my confidence. She makes me feel good about the skills I already have while helping me along to further progress in my horsemanship. Her positive approach, refreshing laughter as well as her precise communication style make learning fun. What impresses me the most is that unlike many other instructors she doesn’t just tell me what I am doing wrong, but she truly teaches me how to do it right!

I am feeling extremely lucky to have the privilege to train with a world class rider like Diana Burnett. Her outstanding accomplishments in dressage, jumping and cross country make her the ideal coach for whatever discipline a rider chooses!”

Sabine Thompson-Behrens

‘My horse and I had a fabulous time at the clinic with Diana! Right from the start, she created a positive atmosphere, was respectful and understanding of our needs and goals, and very quickly established what we needed to work on in order to meet them! ! Diana developed exercises that simultaneously challenged us, and boosted our confidence in moving forward! She is upbeat and insightful, with a great sense of humour! So helpful, and so much fun!!’

Nadia Brown
Highland Green Clinic  – London